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Neil Price Construction Services Limited carries out in-house testing of its products and backs this up with testing from UKAS approved labs

All Neil Price aggregates are produced using a factory process control system which specifies testing requirements to ensure compliance. Systems are also in place to identify non-conformity at an early stage to ensure they are rectified prior to dispatch

Typical Aggregate 	 Grading Sheet

Ready Mix Concrete
Aggregates for Neil Price concrete are tested using the factory process control and our cement is from quality assured suppliers. Random samples of concrete are taken from deliveries to our customers and cured in a tank of water at a constant temperature

These samples are crushed at 7 days to give an early indication of expected final strength and at 28 days to confirm that they conform to the most stringent industry standards.

Neil Price also sends samples to UKAS accredited labs. The company's Armcon mobile batcher is calibrated for the materials used to ensure the accuracy of every mix and the yield. The mixer also gives a printout of the materials which were used in each mix as a further record to ensure consistency.

Fleet Maintainance
The Neil Price wagon fleet is maintained by the company's own skilled fitters in a purpose-built work shop. All vehicles are checked by drivers daily and are inspected in the workshop every 6 weeks


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